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Cleaning/Restoration: Restoration (wood)

Listed below is information, which may apply to hard surface flooring, wood refinishing.


ARRIVAL:   Our crews will arrive in your home based on the schedule we set with you when authorize the work. 


THE WORK: The work can be a little dusty or messy at times. You should

expect some minor clean up after the installation is completed. Door jams may

need cutting. It is possible that some of your jams may splinter when cut, if so

be prepared to putty and or touch up paint in those areas. Floor cuts are made

outside. If it rains the day(s) of your installation and you do not have a garage or

overhang area, we may be delayed. You should inspect your flooring after

installation and let us know of anything that you have questions about. Until the

work is completed your review may not be necessary, the completed process

usually will take care of any visible issues.


DURING THE PROCESS: There are variables that can effect your installation,

but we are well known for completing our work within the scheduled time frame.

For this reason crews may request to work beyond 4pm in your home, if this is

a problem, please contact us in advance so we may plan accordingly. If we

experience any delay such as a manufacturers stock issues we will advise you as

soon as we know.


OUR CREWS: Our people have years of experience in your particular flooring

application. Each team has a Crew Chief with an apprentice or second member

of equal talent and expertise. Some Crewmembers specialize in certain work and

if that type of work is needed in your home we will schedule them accordingly.

Our people are professionals with only one objective; a complete professional



SUBFLOOR /FLOORING REMOVAL: This will cause dust and usually is the first day of

work. Any rotting or leveling issues  would then be visible at that time Leveling issues

may not be known until carpet, furniture or rugs are taken from the flooring area and are

not usually visible at the time of the estimate. If corrections are needed we will contact

you to discuss these matters. 


INSTALLATION: We will set with you the number of days for your installation based on

your square footage and floor type.




SCREEN & RE-COAT:  Is a buff and poly coat applied to remove surface scratches only.

 Color and anything else below the surface will remain. The process will usually take 1 day

with a 24-hour drying time.


SANDING: Allow 1-2 days based on your floor size. Floors that have been waxed (not

recommended) may encounter poly rejection. Please tell us what you have cleaned your

floor with. Previous owners cleaning methods may affect your result.


STAINS COATS:  If you requested a stain color it is applied after the final sanding.

Allow 24 hours in the schedule for proper drying time, humidity can effect this time frame

as well as the type or color of stain required.


POLY COATS: The 1st coat is a seal coat to seal the wood. To seal, this coat will require,

4 to 8 hours of drying time. The second and third coat, depending on the type of poly you

have selected, will be applied after 12 to 24 hours between each application. After the last

and final coat is applied it will take 24 to 48 hours to dry.


QUARTER ROUND (SHOE) MOLDING: The ¼ round trim will be put down after the last

poly coat dries and cures at least one day, usually just prior to furniture being placed



FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, TOILETS & RUGS: These items are not recommended t

o return to their locations until 48 to 72 hours after the last coat of poly have been dry.

Poly needs to cure to certain points before you begin to live on your new floor. Rugs

should be left off the surface for 8-10 days, as poly requires 10 days to fully cure.


VACATING HOME & PETS: You and any pets should plan to be out of your home

during the staining and poly process for health and quality issues. These products, while

not toxic, have smells that are annoying to sensitive people or those with allergies.

Remaining in the home will cause airflow and dust traveling issues that can affect your

finish. During the process we will be controlling your AC system and there are seasons

during the year this will cause an uncomfortable temperature setting for you or pets. Pets

seem to have success in over coming temporary barriers.


BARRIERS/WALL DECORATIONS/LIGHTING: Plastic should not be hung as it is

electrostatic and will release dust at will, affecting your finish. You may drape cloth sheets

over furniture, lighting or draperies stored in adjoining rooms. You may keep all doors not

relating to the hardwood areas closed. Low hanging lights should be raised or removed to

avoid being hit while walking working under. While we use a 98% dustless system there

will still be minor dust to clean up after the process is complete.


PAINTING & TOUCH UP:  You should expect to touch up painting along baseboard

areas and any area where stain or poly will be applied. Any general painting is

recommended after your floors are complete and cure time has passed


HUMIDITY CONCERNS:  Wood is a natural porous product. Wood flooring, trim,

furniture, cabinets and your body are all affected by changes in humidity levels. Too

much causes swelling, too little cause shrinkage. Wood flooring and cored products

perform better when humidity levels are between 35%-55%. In winter heating dries out

your home. The AC if operating properly removes excessive humidity. During winter it is

recommended that a humidifier with a thermostat be used with a minimum setting of 35%

be used to reduce potential shrinkage (these are not expensive). 6mm plastic on the

ground under the crawl space should be present to restrict moister hydration into the sub

floor. The plastic should cover the entire crawl space ground except for 12” around the

perimeter. Appropriate insulation should be present under you sub floor area as well. Do

Not leave windows open during rainy weather as it will dramatically increase humidity

levels. Do Not go on vacation for several days or weeks and turn off your HVAC

system, you would not know the weather conditions at the home while out of town.

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